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Birth to 3 months...a busy time

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

A guide to your new baby’s development

From birth to 3 months

Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

The next 3 months will be a very busy time developmentally for your little one. This Blog is intended as a basic guide as to what to expect and how you can play with your new baby over the next 3 months.

Remember all babies develop at different rates. If you are concerned about your baby’s gross motor development please see your GP, Early Childhood Nurse or Paediatric Physiotherapist

Let your baby have lots of unrestrained floor play in a safe environment

Get on the floor and play with your baby everyday

Tummy time only when your baby is awake and supervised, always place your baby to sleep on their back

Tummy Time

From the very first day your baby will lift his head to turn and to clear his face when placed on his tummy

As he gets stronger, he will be able to lift his head from the floor and hold it there for a few seconds

And then start to push up through his arms

The tummy time timeline...

There are lots of ways you can encourage tummy time

Don’t stop at the first protestation, instead try to change his position

On his back

He will be kicking his legs vigorously and will begin to bat or swipe at objects. Bringing his hands to his mouth is a lovely way for him to explore his body

When on his back, encourage him to bring his hands to his feet – same side and opposite. This gives him information about his body and encourages strengthening against gravity.

On his side

Lying on his side helps him to bring his hands together and later, reach for toys

On an incline

Spend some time on a slight incline to help him make eye contact with you. It will be easier for him to fix his gaze on you. You can start to move your head from side to side and he will do his best to track you.

He will listen intently to your voice so talking to your baby is important. Make sure you take breaks in your dialogue so he can have a chance to say something too!


Rolling baby onto his side to pick him up and put him down provides an opportunity for him to use his neck muscles and develop head control.

Toys soft rattles, sock or ankle rattle’s, black and white contrasting toys mobiles, crinkle toys, bells, plastic mirror, books

Just For Kids Physiotherapy

Adapted from Sydney Children’s Hospital Network and

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