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  • Do you fit Pavlik Harness’s?
    If your child has been assessed as requiring a Pavlik Harness from a paediatrician or paediatric orthopaedic surgeon, we can supply, fit and provide monitoring while your infant is harnessed.
  • Do you splint feet?
    We use a new splinting system called Turtlebraces to splint ankles and feet of children who require prolonged stretches. Other splints to assist with positioning thumbs, elbows and knees are also provided if appropriate after assessment.
  • Can you write a formal report?
    Formal reports required for access to the NDIS are provided after your child has been assessed. Depending on your child’s needs, more than one appointment may be required before providing a written report, Standardised assessments include - Alberta Infant Movement Scale (birth-19months) Hammersmith Infant Neurological Assessment (2-24months) WeeFIM (6months-8years) Peabody Developmental Motor Scales (birth-6years) Movement Assessment Battery for Children (3-16years)
  • Does my child need a referral?
    Your child does not need a referral to access paediatric physiotherapy. Some funding types require a GP referral to access a rebate on physiotherapy fees (see below).
  • Do you do community and home visits?
    Yes. While most children attend all their physiotherapy sessions in the clinic, others do a mix of clinic and community based sessions. At times where it is appropriate to see how your child is functioning in their own environments – home, pre school/school or at the park, we will schedule in a community visit. Travel fees associated with community visits will be discussed at the time of booking.
  • How long is an appointment?
    Consultation length varies dependent on your child’s needs. Complex assessments and regular therapy sessions may take up to 1 hour. Simple musculoskeletal assessments are 30 – 45 mins in duration.
  • Does Medicare cover paediatric physiotherapy?
    Medicare rebates are only available if your child has a Chronic Diseases Management Plan provided by their GP. Where this is provided, your child is eligible to receive up to five rebated physiotherapy treatment sessions per calendar year. You can claim the cost of your child’s physiotherapy session through Medicare to receive a rebate ($56 correct as of Dec 2022).
  • Does my private health insurance cover paediatric physiotherapy?
    A rebate on physiotherapy fees is available through many private health insurers. Please check with your insurer. HICAPS is available in the clinic providing on-the-spot claiming of your rebate, meaning you will only pay the difference between the cost of the visit and what your insurance company pays.
  • What about the NDIS?
    For children who are participants of the NDIS and whose carer’s manage their funding or for those who have a plan manager, fees and terms of service provision are in accordance with NDIS recommendations.
  • How much does paediatric physiotherapy cost?
    The cost of your child’s physiotherapy session depends on the length of the appointment and the complexity of your child’s presentation. For children with complex needs, safeguarding non face to face time is necessary for planning sessions, to source additional information, to liaise with other health care providers and equipment prescribers. Standard appointment Initial Assessment (45mins) $145 Follow up (45mins) $145 Short follow up (30mins) $87.50 Complex appointment Initial Assessment (60mins) $193.99 Follow up long (60mins) $193.99 Follow up (45mins) $145.49 Short follow up (30mins) $97.00
  • Is there a cancelation policy?
    We understand that sometimes you need to cancel your appointment. We ask that if you need to cancel your appointment, you give 24hrs notice to allow us to offer the time to other families waiting for a physiotherapy appointment. Cancellations within 24hrs will incur a 50% cancellation fee.
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