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What we do

baby in a pavlik harness

Developmental hip dysplasia
The fitting and monitoring of your baby in a Pavlik Harness. Click on the link below for more information


Early intervention
For infants and children with global or physical additional needs

baby with a flat head


Assessment and treatment of a flat head or a Torticollis. Click on the link  for more information 

Talipes and Metatarsus Adductus
The management of common positional foot problems

in the newborn 

baby rolling over in physio

Gross Motor Milestones

What milestones to expect and when to expect them.

Optimising the environment to support your baby's development 

Most lower limb alignments are part of normal growth. Click on the links below for fact sheets

gross motor skills child in physiotherapy

Gross Motor Skills

Low muscle tone, hypermobility and coordination difficulties can affect skill acquistion  in the older child